Can’t Get Enough

A few people asked if there’s an RSS feed available for my Ars Technica articles. The answer from Ars seems to be no, but Dara Lind has kindly created one using Yahoo! Pipes. She’s also got created an an all-Tim feed that combines my Bottom-Up and Ars Technica writing. Thanks Dara!

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2 Responses to Can’t Get Enough

  1. Steven says:

    Ha! I did this last week with Yahoo pipes, combining the two feeds with the ars feed filtered by your email address. Kept on meaning to send you the link, but I’m glad somebody got around to it.

  2. Jason Treit says:

    Very nice work, Dara. I’ve forked the pipe to bring in Freedom to Tinker posts as well (pipe editor, RSS). Tim trifecta!

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