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Disruptive Innovation and the Death of the Recording Industry

Last week I quoted a Wired article that discusses the rise of the MP3 format as a disruptive threat to the recording industry. The story of the recording industry’s decline is complicated because there are actually two different factors at … Continue reading

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Why I’m an Optimist about the Future of News

Reader Rhayader wants to know what I think of this David Simon story about the decline of investigative reporting Baltimore: There is a lot of talk nowadays about what will replace the dinosaur that is the daily newspaper. So-called citizen … Continue reading

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EFF Wanders off the Reservation

I consider the Electronic Frontier Foundation to be the most important defender of freedom online. They led the fight against warrantless wiretapping, and they’re far and away the most important organization defending fair use in an age of ever-expanding copyright … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Invent the Web

I like my name, but one of the unfortunate things about working in technology policy is that I’m sometimes confused for Timothy Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the World Wide Web. So let me disabuse people of that misconception: I’m … Continue reading

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Patents, Copyrights, and Software

Reader Dale B. Halling left the following comment that articulates two major misconceptions that one frequently encounters in the software patent debate: There is no doubt that the patent system should be more accessible, less complicated, and less expensive. Inventing … Continue reading

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Disruptive Innovation and Urban Decline

I’m excited to learn that Ryan Avent has been reading Bottom-Up, and he has a really interesting post examining the implications of disruptive innovation on the growth and decline of cities: When a metropolitan area has an old, successful, established … Continue reading

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Newspapers are in the Newspaper Business

One of the people whose work has shaped my thinking on the role of disruptive innovation in declining industries is Clusterstock editor (and Techdirt alum) Joe Weisenthal. There’s a common argument that declining companies need to ask themselves “what business … Continue reading

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