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Bottom-Up Chat: Dara Lind and Immigration Reform

Regular readers know that we periodically do text-based chats using Envolve, a Facebook-style chat startup co-founded by my brother. Our next chat will be tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, and will feature special guest Dara Lind. By day she works for an … Continue reading

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The Return of Bottom-up Liberalism

This week left-of-center bloggers have been abuzz over this lengthy treatise about the supposed absence of genuinely left-wing voices in the online conversation. Freddie DeBoer complains that the lefty blogosphere is dominated by “neoliberals” like Matt Yglesias, Jonathan Chait and … Continue reading

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Reply to Hanson on Brain Emulation

Robin Hanson responds to my last post about simulating/emulating the brain: To emulate a biological signal processor, one need only identify its key internal signal dimensions and their internal mappings – how input signals are mapped to output signals for … Continue reading

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Emulation, Simulation, and the Human Brain

On this week’s episode of the EconTalk podcast, Russ Roberts asked Robin Hanson on the show to discuss his theory of the technological singularity. In a nutshell, Hanson believes that in the next few decades, humans will develop the technologies … Continue reading

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