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Partisanship visits the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: My favorite exchange: Woman: You don’t see reasonable people putting Hitler mustaches on peoples’ faces. Interviewer: So there were no people with “Bush is Hitler” signs like there are “Obama is … Continue reading

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While I’m lecturing people about disclosure, you can see my updated disclosure page here. The only major change is that my 2010-11 graduate work is being funded by Carl Malamud, who in turn is funded in part by Google. This … Continue reading

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Reputational Arbitrage

In September 2005, I attended the 2005 State Policy Network annual convention in Charleston. SPN is a trade association of state-based free-market think tanks, and I was there as an employee of the recently-founded Show-Me Institute, Missouri’s free-market think tank. … Continue reading

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The Problem with Voting by Mail

Earlier today, I tweeted that “voting by mail is a huge privacy and security risk, and states should be discouraging it a lot more.” This generated a number of confused responses, so I thought I’d elaborate a bit. When thinking … Continue reading

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