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Summer Writing

A quick personal note: unlike the past couple of summers, when I did software engineering work, this summer I’m hoping to spend my time writing about public policy. I’ve gotten a couple of good offers, but I’m hoping this blog … Continue reading

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Supermarkets, Congestion Tolling, and Free Markets

A few days ago I happened to stop by the local supermarket during the post-work rush. When I was ready to check out all the regular lanes had long lines. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes, but on … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship and Hayekian Discovery

Brink Lindsey points me to this great article on how entrepreneurs think. It turns out that many entrepreneurs hate the concept of market research. Rather than trying to predict the overall size of the market in advance, their approach is … Continue reading

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The Innovator’s Dilemma in Higher Education

Matt Yglesias points me to a a new report on the future of higher education from the Center for American Progress. The report has Clay Christensen, the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, as its lead author. Not surprisingly, he leans … Continue reading

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City Planning and the Rule of Law

The excellent Greater Greater Washington blog endorses this video from the City of Beverly Hills, an impressive bit of filmmaking that devote a tremendous amount of effort to knocking over a rather silly straw man: Riffing on It’s a Wonder … Continue reading

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F. A. Hayek, Liberal

A couple of months ago I wrote a post for the Technology Liberation Front offering a qualified defense Tim Wu’s book, The Master Switch. My erstwhile colleagues at TLF had taken turns lambasting the book for what they regarded as … Continue reading

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