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The Cycle that Wasn’t

Over at Ars Technica, I’ve got a review of Tim Wu’s The Master Switch. An excerpt: By mid-century, each of these communications technologies [telephone, movies, radio, television] was in the grip of one or a few large companies. Yet everything … Continue reading

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When is a Tax Not a Tax?

Megan McArdle and I have been having an interesting discussion in the comments to my last ObamaCare post. She’s convinced me that the ObamaCare individual mandate is structured in a way that would be difficult to actually duplicate within the … Continue reading

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A Bit of Self-Promotion

Scott Woolley of Fortune made my day by writing this flattering profile of yours truly: Much as libertarians argue that supporting freedom in both the bedroom and the boardroom is not only a viable political philosophy but a logically consistent … Continue reading

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On the Constitutionality of ObamaCare

I get what Julian, Radley, and Megan are saying, and in principle I agree with them. A fair-minded reading of the constitution and the debates that surrounded its enactment makes it pretty clear that the founders’ goal was to create … Continue reading

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The Case against DDOS

Last night I wrote a slightly hyperbolic tweet about the Anonymous denial of service attacks, and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of pushback on it. So I thought I’d expand on my thinking here. In a distributed denial of service … Continue reading

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Framing the DREAM Act

Reihan responds. His thoughts are, as always, worth reading in full. But let me just quickly comment on this: But my sense is that there is an upper bound on the number of foreigners that U.S. citizens will welcome to … Continue reading

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The Implicit Message of the DREAM Act

I have a lot of respect for my friend Reihan Salam, but boy was this frustrating to read: As I understand it, the DREAM Act implicitly tells us that I should value the children of unauthorized immigrants more than the … Continue reading

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Bottom-Up Chat: Stephen Smith and Market Urbanism

Grad school has kept me too busy to do a lot of blogging recently, but I tomorrow night we’ll be doing on of our periodic chats here at Bottom-Up. My guest will be Stephen Smith of the excellent Market Urbanism … Continue reading

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