Bottom-Up Chat: Dara Lind and Immigration Reform

Regular readers know that we periodically do text-based chats using Envolve, a Facebook-style chat startup co-founded by my brother. Our next chat will be tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, and will feature special guest Dara Lind. By day she works for an immigration advocacy organization, but the views she expresses will be strictly her own. By night, she tweets, blogs, and guest-blogs in a variety of prominent places, most recently for the American Prospect.

The discussion will be driven by you, the readers. Besides immigration reform, other topics you might want to ask Dara about include gender, James Scott, and the prospects for liberal-libertarian cooperation inside the beltway.

Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8 PM Eastern. To participate, just visit the home page and click on the “general chat” tab in the lower-right hand corner of your browser.

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