I Didn’t Invent the Web

I like my name, but one of the unfortunate things about working in technology policy is that I’m sometimes confused for Timothy Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the World Wide Web. So let me disabuse people of that misconception: I’m not Mr. Berners-Lee, nor am I related to him. He’s a 50-something Brit who runs the W3C and does research at MIT. I’m a 20-something American grad student who studies at Princeton. So I hope any readers who thought they were reading Mr. Berners-Lee’s blog will continue reading mine, but I want to make sure no one is being misled. I’ve added a disclaimer to the first sentence of my about page to be sure people know who they’re reading.

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2 Responses to I Didn’t Invent the Web

  1. Rhayader says:

    Wait, where does Al Gore fit into all of this?

  2. LD says:

    That actually *was* funny, Rhayader… i laughed out loud!

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