Adam Thierer Named President of PFF

I have mixed feelings about the news that my former colleague and co-blogger Adam Thierer is the new president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation. On the one hand, I know he’ll do a great job for PFF. He did a great job running Cato’s tech policy program when I was a staff writer there, and he’s done a lot of great research for PFF since he went there.

On the other hand, running a think tank probably leaves him a lot less time to do actual writing and research. And nobody covers Adam’s core subjects—free speech and child protection online—quite the same way Adam does. Adam’s also the backbone of TLF, producing excellent content including book reviews, rankings, and 3000-word posts on libertarian philosophy. So I’m hoping Adam finds a way to run PFF without entirely abandoning the stuff he’s done so well over the last 4 years.

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