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The Master Switch and State-Worship

Over at the Technology Liberation Front in recent weeks Adam Thierer has been doing a series of posts about Tim Wu’s new book, The Master Switch. Adam wasn’t a fan. Wu himself jumped in with a response, where he focused … Continue reading

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Open User Interfaces and Power Users

I know I said I’d write about Google next, but I wanted to comment on the discussion in the comments to Luis’s post on open UIs. Here’s Bradley Kuhn, executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy: I think you may … Continue reading

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Luis Villa on Open vs. Bottom-Up

As usual, I agree with pretty much everything Luis Villa has to say about yesterday’s post here: Tim makes the assumption that open projects can’t have strong, coherent vision- that “[t]he decentralized nature of open source development means that there’s … Continue reading

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Open User Interfaces Suck

On his Surprisingly Free podcast last week, Jerry Brito had a great interview with Chicago law professor Joseph Isenbergh about the competition between open and closed systems. As we’ve seen, there’s been a lot of debate recently about the iPhone/Android … Continue reading

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A Bet

This morning I had a bit of an argument on Twitter with Ryan Avent about the future of self-driving cars. He thinks his infant daughter will never need to learn to drive because self-driving cars will be ready for prime … Continue reading

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Openness, Vegetarianism, and Lived Experiences

Last week, Russ Roberts had libertarian tech policy scholar Tom Hazlett on his excellent EconTalk podcast to talk about the Google-vs-Apple battle in the mobile phone market, and the implications for open and closed platforms. One of my favorite things … Continue reading

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