Bottom-Up Chat: Stephen Smith and Market Urbanism

Grad school has kept me too busy to do a lot of blogging recently, but I tomorrow night we’ll be doing on of our periodic chats here at Bottom-Up. My guest will be Stephen Smith of the excellent Market Urbanism blog. He’s a recent graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in international political economy, and will soon be moving back to DC to start an internship at Reason magazine. We’ll talk about libertarianism, urbanism, and the (depressingly small) overlap between the two. And anything else that strikes your fancy.

Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) night starting at 9:30 PM Eastern. Just click “General Chat” in the lower-right-hand corner of the browser window.

Update: The chat is finished. We had a lively discussion, the transcript of which should still be visible for a while. Click the “general chat” tab below to read it.

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