Bottom-Up Chat

My brother is an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and he’s recently launched a neat new tool called Envolve, which offers in-browser chatting capabilities for any website. I’ve installed it here on the blog, and will be online for the next couple of hours. If you read this before 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific, please stop by and say hello!

Update: Thanks to everyone who stopped by. My brother is still squashing a few last-minute bugs, so if anyone tried to stop by and wasn’t able to, please leave a comment and/or email me with details so I can forward them along to him.

If I did another evening chat, are there folks who would show up?

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7 Responses to Bottom-Up Chat

  1. quanticle says:

    I posted this in the chatroom, but it seemed pretty dead at the time, so I’ll post it here as well.

    I wonder if this blog wouldn’t be better served by something like the WordPress Live Chat plugin. I’m not knocking your brother, but for something like this, an IRC channel has definite advantages. IRC is a totally open, well-documented protocol. There are many IRC networks (like Freenode, for example) that serve “bottom-up” communities. Unlike Envolve, IRC is accessible via a rich variety of clients, so that people don’t necessarily have to be on the site to be chatting with other users.

    Still, this is a pretty cool addition.

  2. Jacob Galt says:

    Sure, just tell us when.

  3. Pete says:

    Very cool, and yeah, I’d try and drop by if there were more of these.

  4. Parker says:

    For sure – if you scheduled it, I’ll definitely stop by.

  5. Rhayader says:

    Cool. I would stop in to try it, schedule permitting.

  6. Reihan says:

    I’d stop by.

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