Envolve Chat Tonight

As I mentioned last week, I’ve installed Envolve, the software that provides the Facebook-style chat you should see at the lower-right hand corner of your browser window, on the blog. I’ll be around this evening, 9-10 PM Eastern (6-7 PM Pacific), to chat with Bottom-up readers. Please drop by and say hello.

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5 Responses to Envolve Chat Tonight

  1. Rhayader says:

    Cool — I’m going to a minor league ballgame after work tonight, but if I get back before 10 I’ll definitely jump on.

  2. Have you forgotten where you come from?

    8-9 PM Central (flyover country)…

  3. Erik, I have utmost faith in the calculation skills of my fellow midwesterners. Its my flaky readers on the West Coast who need a little bit of extra help.

  4. Brian Moore says:

    Argh, I missed this. Thankfully for Andrew’s smart programming, it keeps the chat open with the entire history of you all talking! Nice.

  5. Brian Moore says:

    That is, if you want to take Chris’ recommendation to “burn the archives” seriously. 🙂

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