Envolve Chat with Adam Thierer

The next Bottom-Up chat will feature Adam Thierer, president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation and mastermind of the Technology Liberation Front, the world’s leading libertarian tech policy blog. One of his recurring features at TLF is an annual review of the most important tech policy books of the preceding year. He’s starting to work on the 2010 edition, and this is your chance to get a sneak preview of the big tech policy ideas of 2010. Is Nick Carr is right that the Internet is making us stupid? Is Clay Shirky right that the Internet is making us more generous and sociable? Is Richard Clarke right that the Internet is making us vulnerable to terrorists? You’ll have to stop by to find out. We can also talk about Adam’s work on Internet free speech and recent tech policy developments like the Google/Verizon network neutrality deal.

Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9 PM Eastern. To participate, just click through to this post and look in the lower-right-hand corner for the Envolve widget.

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