Top-Down Sentence of the Day

“Development and socialization of the Implementation Plan with public and private sector stakeholders will leverage interagency processes and forums in place today to maintain momentum.”

People actually write sentences like that. And they don’t seem to be doing it ironically.

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5 Responses to Top-Down Sentence of the Day

  1. Brian Moore says:

    That sounds like a joke line from The Office.

    Are you the “community member” whose idea (just below, on your link) says this:

    “Decentralize further, don’t centralize: A single centralized identity is inherently less secure than a dozen identities because it creates a single point of failure”

    It seems the most highly rated!

  2. quanticle says:

    I think I got bingo!

  3. quanticle says:

    Addendum: I think the worst thing about that sentence is that I can’t tell whether it was written by a public or private institution without clicking through to the source. It goes to show you that the government has no monopoly on top-down thinking.

  4. Liz says:

    “And they don’t seem to be doing it ironically.”

    Well, hipsters typically do not flock to the US Department of Homeland Security for employment, that is true.

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