New Job

I’m excited to announce I’ll be starting a new job on Monday, covering tech policy with the Washington Post‘s Wonkblog team. Led by Ezra Klein, WonkBlog provides in-depth analysis of domestic policy issues. I hope you’ll subscribe to Wonkblog and follow along.

The move to the Post also requires me to end my relationship with the Cato Institute, with which I’ve been affiliated for almost a decade. It’s been an honor to be affiliated with some of the sharpest and most original thinkers in the think tank world. I’ve learned a lot from David Boaz, Jim Harper, Adam Thierer, Brink Lindsey, Gene Healy, and others at Cato over the years, and I’ll always be grateful for their support.

I expect the Post to keep me busy, so don’t expect me to post here very often. But I’ll use this blog as an outlet for posts that are too personal, philosophical, or off-topic for Wonkblog.

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