I’ve officially accepted a position as a summer intern at Google’s New York office, and I wanted to make a couple of quick blog-related notes.

First, I’m going to try to steer clear of Google-related commentary between now and September. Google has hired me to write code, not to do policy work, so in theory it shouldn’t be a conflict of interest. But in practice I don’t think it’s that simple. On the one hand, I don’t want to risk biting the hand that feeds me. And on the other hand, I don’t want readers to wonder whether I’m watering down my writing to avoid biting the hand that feeds me. So there won’t be a lot of writing about Google the next few months. I also don’t plan to write much about my on-the-job experiences, both because this isn’t that kind of blog and because much of what I do will be covered by my non-disclosure agreement.

With that said, I do hope to continue blogging regularly throughout the summer about non-Google topics. I can’t promise anything—Google might frown on blogging interns, or they might keep me so busy that I don’t have much free time for blogging. But with any luck, blogging volume should increase in early June.

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  1. Rhayader says:

    Congrats Tim, best of luck this summer.

  2. Congrats Tim! What an exciting opportunity.

  3. Captain Noble says:


  4. Tom says:

    Very cool. Congratulations!

  5. Brian Moore says:

    Congratulations! Any idea what you’ll be working on?

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